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Cable Clamp for 7/8 Coaxial Corrugated Cable 3 Way

Part Number: YL-XK078-3A

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Part Number: YL-XK078-3A

 Part Number: YL-XK078-3A

Cable Clamp for 7/8 Coaxial Corrugated Cable 3 Way

Installation Note

Recommended Twist Force Fastening Clamps: 10 N (Max 18N)


Applicable Cable

Diameter Max.

Diameter Min.

7/8 Coaxial Corrugated Cable

Φ28.5 mm

Φ26.5 mm

Electrical Specifications

DTF Effect

Return Loss Effect

0.1 dB

0.1 dB


Clamp Material


Adapter Type

Adapter Material



Angle adapter

Stainless steel

Environmental Durability

Axial Load Capability

Anti-corrosion level

UV Resistance

Operation Temperature

 5 times cable weight

500 hours in salt spray chamber

 100 hour exposure in accelerated UV life chamber.

-40°C to + 70°C

Vibration Survival

 4 hours at resonant frequency

Packing Information

Package Quantity

Total Net Weight

Total Gross Weight

Carton Size

50 sets per carton

0.3 x 50 = 15.0 kg

15.5 kg

510 x 220 x 270 mm