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YOLYCOM outdoor Grounding Kit for 7/8 Corrugated Coaxial Cable Spring Type

Part Number: YL-JDX078-1606B

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Part Number: YL-JDX078-1606B

Electrical Specifications

Peak Current

100,000 Amps

Current Handling Test Method


Lightning Protection Test Method


Mechanical Specifications

Normal Size

7/8 Coaxial Corrugated Cable

Cable Contact Part

Spring Type (Copper Band and Stainless Steel Clamp)

Lug Type

2-hole M8 (with Screws), Tin-Coated Copper

Cable Length

600 mm (800 / 1000 / 1500 mm Optional)

Cable Diameter

16 mm2 (25 mm2 Optional)

Cable Material


Insulator Material


Environmental Durability

Anti-Corrosion Level

500 Hours in Salt Spray Chamber

UV Resistance

1000 Hrs

Operating Temperature

-40°C to + 85°C

Packing Information

Standard Package Includes Metal Hardware and Sealing Material

Sealing Material: PVC Tape 5 cm x 1000 cm, Butyl Rubber Tape 7 cm x 60 cm

Package Quantity

1 Set in a Bag

Unit Weight of Metal Parts             0.151 kg

Unit Weight including Sealing Material   0.405 kg