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AISG Remote Control Unit for Variable Tilt Antenna

Model No.: YL-RCU355
Code: 21302

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Model No.: YL-RCU355
Code: 21302

Model No.: YL-RCU355   Code: 21302

Connection and Protocol

Protocol 3GPP/ AISG2.0

Power Supply 10~36VDC

Power Range <1W(standing by);<5W(motor running)

Connector Input 8 Pin AISG Connector IEC 60130-9 Male

Connector Output 8 Pin AISG Connector IEC 60130-9 Female

Connection Definition RS485 A/B(Pin 5 , Pin 3)

Power Supply (Pin 1, Pin 6)

DC Loop (Pin 7)

Interface to Antenna ∮6,∮7.5,∮8 Hex Copper Rod

Real Time Data Transmission YES




Collaboration Time 30~480 Seconds


Collaboration Mode 14 Optional


Adjustment Time 10~120 s (Typical 40s, depending on antennas)


Tilt Accuracy 0.1 degree


Levels of Cascading 64


Capacity for Non-linear Processes 62


Capacity for Linear Processes


Antenna Info Re-write Support


Sensitivity of Identification of Stuck 32 Levels Optional


Rotation Direction Both Optional


Output Torch Adjustment 9 Levels Optional


Environment and Protection


Life Span 10000 times


Working Temperature -40~+85


Lightning Protection 8/20uS 5KA


Water Proof IP64

Shell Aluminum


Weight <300g


Dimensions 96×47×33mm(body, not including connectors)


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